National Artists

For national recording artists, please call Patrick Guthrie at 304-781-0680 or email

Local and Independent Artists:

If you have never played at V CLUB before and are a local or local independent artist, there are two ways that you can book a show:
You can apply for a New Artist Night or you can enter the Music Tournament.

If you are interested, please see steps detailed below and fill out the appropriate application. Unless you have a strong local following, we do not book out-of-state independent artists or bands that are over a 4 hour driving distance. A small number of non local artists are allowed in the music tournament each year. If you have additional questions please call 304-781-0680 or email Thank you for your interest!

Artist Application Form

Step One:
Complete the form below, or download the application as a PDF document and
mail your application to us.   
Download Application ]
(Please be honest.  Answering yes will not disqualify you.)
Please Select:
Artist/Group Name:
First Name:
Last Name:
Describe your style of music as precisely as possible:
What is the meaning of your group/artist/DJ name?
Step Two:
New Artist:
Members Roster: (must be sent with application)
[ BAND ROSTER FORM ]   (PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)
Application requires submission of your lyrics and a music sample (preferably an online link) be
emailed to
If email is not available, please mail the required items to the address below.

Please download and fill out the form above and send to:

Attn: New Artist Dept
741 6th Avenue
Huntington, WV 25701

Your application is not complete until the band member roster, lyrics and music sample are
received & tickets are purchased.